" Vintage Gold " Antique Flower Yellow Citrine



We are so happy to introduce The A La Collection to the Kokemoi family.

Inspired by the locals in India, A La wanted to share their many talents and craftsmanship under fair working conditions. They create handmade products and source unique finds, which all tell their own story.


This “Vintage gold'' inspired ring is made of premium quality and contains of real gemstones. This ring is not only timeless and beautiful, it also tells its own story through those real gems.


size adjustable, charm: 4 x 4 Inches


Premium quality 18K gold plating over brass, real Yellow Citrine, White Quartz. The Citrine stone is perfect for a fresh start. This gemstone gives you energy, success, happiness, self confidence and protection. It’s the birthstone of November.

*Gemstones are a product of nature and therefore unique, so the colour of the stone can differ a little from the pictures. 

Handmade in India 

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